Salut la maison Alfelderstraße 92, tu nous as fait du bien!

Salut la maison Alfelderstraße 92, tu nous as fait du bien!

We hope to understand in a few days

There is reality with cameras, and reality without cameras.

CRIBS >>living room from transeuropa2012 on Vimeo.

»living room allstars at MTV “Cribs”

by: Lasse Callsen, Tobit Kochanek, Leonard Rottok

>>"Work" performance from transeuropa2012 on Vimeo.

"I think your living is work. I always discuss with people when they say, well, I am unemployed. And I say: you’re working the whole time. You’re not earning money, but you’re working the whole time. I think living is the art, or every human being is an artist." - one of the spectators reflected during the "Work" performance = the discussion on "What this performance is about…"

APPLY NOW and become one of our 5 guests for the »living room DINNER

Friday 18th of May at 9pm


1. Want do you want to share?

2. What are you actually sharing and what not?

3. What are the things you simply can’t stop thinking about?

and send them by Wednesday 16th (00h00) to

Different perceptions of the truth from transeuropa2012 on Vimeo.

What is truth? - the audience and the performers are questioning during the first performance. “Prologue” was followed by the sequence of actions: observing and being observed, changing places and exchanging ideas.

“While some thinkers view truth as concrete and immutable, others believe that it is an essentially meaningless concept.” /”Conversations of truth” Mick Gordon, Chris Wilkinson - the book which Miguel gave to the audience as a feedback for their reaction on observation.


is an european artist collective that was initiated on the occasion of a flat-sharing residency at Transeuropa2012 Hildesheim where we were living, working and performing in a single house for six weeks.

We are:

Miguel Bonneville from Portugal

Frauke Frech from Germany

Edvinas Grin from Lithuania

Vaida Bražiūnaitė from Lithuania

previous member:
Gunnur Martinsdóttir Schlüter from Iceland

During the residency at Transeuropa2012 we were constantly searching for consensus (regarding our "art-residency product"),
but we had to accept that there was no agreement but a unit of diverse approaches.
We decided to radically include the audience in our process of dealing with our differences, trying to create a space based on everybody's needs.
We tackle concepts that reject prior definitions of art, conventional artistic standards and deny the commercialisation of art. Reflecting on group dynamics and roles regarding mechanisms of control, in- and exclusion, selection, work, accessibility of space -socially and economically.

Technical & creative support:
Roman Liebe from Germany

Hosted by:
Transeuropa2012 &
Familie Florin

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